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Buy Cat Tags Online for a Fun and Stylish Way to Keep Your Kitten Safe

Cats have a reputation for being some of the more aloof and independent pets we humans keep around, which has led researchers in modern times to question whether they’re really even domesticated at all. But no matter how moody and uncooperative ...read more.

Your Cat Deserves Designer Cat Collars from the Online Supplier Australia Trusts

We've heard all the excuses before as to why cat owners won't outfit their cats with the proper identification. Most of these excuses are offered up without any thought given to the fact that close to ¾ of all cats will wear the collar if you put it ...read more.

Designer Dog Collars are the Way to go. Buy Online from Australia's Leader

Your dog is a champ. He's loyal, he's obedient, and he loves all the cool pet accessories that you buy for him, especially that awesome dog collar. The thing is, that collar is getting a bit old, and as much as the both of you love it, that raggedy ...read more.

No Pup in Australia Should Be Without Its Very Own Dog Tag! Buy Online from Pawz Today

There is nothing quite like the joy that a new puppy brings to a family. Whether you've purchased a young dog for your children or just because you want a new companion, you know you're in for a memorable experience. Their energy and playfulness can ...read more.

Whether You Live in Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney, Keep Your Dog Identifiable with Customised Tags

When you are getting ready to leave the house in the morning, you probably have a mental checklist of items to bring along with you. You'll need the keys to your vehicle, your wallet or purse, and of course some identification. Regardless of the form ...read more.

Get Your Engraved Cat Tags from Australia's Best Online Dealer

Your cat is an ace, isn't he? Graceful, elegant, and poised as he roams around looking for small mammals and birds to harass. You decided not to buy him a collar or cat tags, but was that the right move? You know that pets with just one form of ...read more.

The Value of Buying Engraved Pet Tags Online In Australia

You love your pet, right? Of course, you do. You buy them the best food, you get them toys, you even set them up with a little multi-level pet bed so they can be comfortable at all hours of the day. In the case of your dog or cat, you probably had them ...read more.

Shop at Pawz for a Wide Selection of Pet ID Tags Designed to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe

It seems as if pets have been man’s companions for, well…ever. Dogs are thought to have been domesticated between 18,000 and 30,000 years ago. The domestication of cats took place relatively recently at roughly 8,000 to 9,000 years ago (plenty of time ...read more.

The Differences Between Small, Medium, And Large Dog Collars

Dog collars are probably the number one essential tool when it comes to dogs. We need them for training, walking, identification, and can even be gussied up to make a fashion statement. There are so many collars out there though it could be easy to get ...read more.

Have the Most Stylish Dog in the Dog Park with ID Tags and Accessories Available in Australia and Online

Pet owners, like proud parents, enjoy creating the best possible lives for their animals. This attitude often means spoiling them a little bit. Often, with both parents and pet owners, the spoiling of the child or animal is more for the benefit and ...read more.

Keep Your Dog Safe and Secure in Australia with our Smart Link Dog Name Tags in Available Online

If you have ever lost a pet, or even known a pet owner who lost theirs, you know that this is a tragedy that should be avoided at all costs. Simply keeping your dog indoors at all times is not an option, particularly for a larger breed. This means that ...read more.

Pawz is the One Stop Destination for Dog Tags Online in Australia

Owning a pet has many rewards such as companionship, friendship, and unconditional love. Also, being a pet owner provides humans with the chance to be outdoors and enjoy some exercise as we put a leash on and take our furry friends to the dog park or ...read more.

Why Every Dog and Cat Should have Personalised Pet Tags

As a pet owner, losing a pet is a terrible experience. If your dog or cat becomes lost, having personalised dog tags can make the difference between finding your pet and enduring a stressful time wondering where they are. Personalised pet tags are a ...read more.

Where to Find Pet Tags in Melbourne, Perth or Sydney that Will Last You a Long Time

Having pet tags for each of the animals in or around your home is an absolute necessity. Animals are a financial investment, a member of your family, and sometimes your closest friend. The prospect of losing your beloved pet is, for many pet ...read more.

Buy the Finest Pet Tags in Australia from Pawz

Back in 2002, when we wanted a better way to protect our own pets, we began a labour of love creating pet tags that would provide a constant and secure source of protection for our furry friends. Since then, Pawz has grown into a leading online provider ...read more.