Designer Dog Collars are the Way to go. Buy Online from Australia's Leader

Your dog is a champ. He's loyal, he's obedient, and he loves all the cool pet accessories that you buy for him, especially that awesome dog collar. The thing is, that collar is getting a bit old, and as much as the both of you love it, that raggedy old nylon is starting to fray. It might be time to consider updating that collar, but not with just any old collar. The dog collar world has advanced a bit since you last stepped into a pet store, but Pawz, a leader in designer dog collars in Australia, is going to fill you in on all the variety when it comes to getting this essential piece of pet garb.

Dog Collars are All the Same, Right?

Not true. There are different varieties and styles available when you're on the hunt for dog collars. It's true; you can go with the classic option: simple, solid colour nylon with the adjustable strap. Clicks into place and that's that. Red Dingo offers some of the best old-school dog collars around. They're soft, yet durable, and the splice cut improves your dog's overall comfort. You wanted to improve your dog's standing with the other dogs, though, remember? Time to consider some of the other designer dog collars that are out there.

You could get a sturdy martingale collar. It provides excellent control while you're out with your dog, without the choking effect of a choke collar or slip collar. You could get them in a range of colours and sizes, or even have them adorned with a pattern or cool design. The seams are sewn and not welded, further increasing the strength of their already sturdy design.

Have you thought about a tough Rogz dog collar? The locking side release buckle (Rogz-Loc) makes them dog-paw resistant, and the Low Load Technology (LLT) reduces the amount of pressure placed on the buckle. Did you know that with the LLT, the breaking strength on the Rogz dog collars is as high as 515lbs? More than enough for just about any dog of any size! Or maybe a Rogz reflective collar? Big and strong for bigger breeds with the added benefit of the woven reflective thread stitched into the nylon. Whatever you decide, just remember that you don't have to keep using that old worn-out dog collar you've had for the past ten years!

Where to go for Designer Dog Collars Online

Pawz, of course. We are the go-to source for designer dog collars online. We stock collars for big dogs, small dogs, smart dogs, goofy dogs, and more. We provide a broad range of options regarding colour, design, and style, and supply only the best quality brands. We're proud to offer excellent service and convenience, and purchases made through our online system are always secure. We even provide free delivery of items worldwide. If you're ever in need of designer dog collars, or any other pet accessories, give us a call on 61-8-6144 2559 or email us at [email protected] We know pets, and want yours to look just as good and feel just as safe as we keep ours!