For a Dog treat try something from our Tasty Bone or Sporn Marrow Chew Range.

The occasional treat for your pet is a must. It forms a bond and shows just how much you love them, but choosing the right treat is important.

Treats can be a great training aid, and its the nicest way to credit your pooch for some good behaviour.

You can reward your dog with a product from the Tasty Bone Gourmet range, this edible bone comes in a range of sizes for the smaller and light chewing pooches to the larger bones for the bigger pet. Tasty Bones are a completely natural and healthy snack for your pet.

The Sporn Marrow Chew Bone will provide hours of enjoyment for your pet, and they will love the beef jerky centre strip. As your pet chews the bone it can also remove tarter acting as a doggy toothbrush. So try something from either of these ranges and watch the smile on your dogs face - they will loove you for it!

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