Large Hot Pink 32mm Bone QR Pet Tag by Red Dingo

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Genuine Red Dingo 32mm Bone QR pet id tag. Made from lightweight aluminium with an enamel finish & available in 4 different colour options.




This BRAND NEW QR (Quick Response) pet tag from Red Dingo utilises the latest technology available to the market. On the rear of each tag is a QR code linked to a unique web address, that in turn links to your pet's free online profile AND's toll-free 24/7 Found Pet Hotline number to get your pet the best possible protection.

Should your pet become lost, the finder can scan the tag and will be taken to all your pet’s information online. The details can be updated at anytime should they change.

Every Red Dingo QR tag's free PetHub online profile shows:

* Emergency contacts (owner, sitter, neighbour, vet, relatives, etc)
* Medical details (including medications, vaccinations, etc)
* Rabies tag and license information
* Dietary needs, and much more!

The beauty of these tags is that if any of the above changes, you simply login & change your web profile, and the tag will automatically update!

In addition there is:

* No Activation Fee
* No Ongoing Fees*
* No Engraving necessary
* Optional accident insurance and GPS notifications.

Scan the QR code on the screen to see an example of the profile page.

This small qr tag is 24mm in diameter, or 1"; and the large qr tag is 32mm in diameter or 1 1/4".

Both sizes include a strong split ring for attaching to your pet's collar.

Rear of Tag

Use a smartphone with a QR Reader App to scan me for a test online profile.

Rear of Tag